At ARA, we use decades of industry experience to ensure every completed assignment exceeds your expectations.  No one likes surprises……unless they are pleasant.  With that, we try to see past the windshield on every claim and evaluate the unknown variables, including advance charges, towing, storage, and DV potential.  In doing so, we provide a comprehensive explanation of what is confirmed along with pending exposure.  This will enable you to mitigate your losses in every way possible. 

In addition to our professional claims handling, the technical experience of our team is unparalleled.   Our staff is composed of the best material damage experts in the industry.  We take pride in every mouse click and keystroke.  The estimates we provide are guaranteed to reduce severity.  We exhaust every resource possible with respect to refinish times, alternate parts, and recommended repairs while ensuring adherence to industry standards. 

Put our experience to work for you to handle: autos, recreational vehicles, boats, heavy equipment and more.  We also specialize in single interest/collateral protection appraisals.