You have a choice when you assign a claim, and a wealth of information to make an informed decision regarding the most cost-effective solution.  ARA knows all too well about the factors that go into those decisions…. “Do I really want my staff guy driving half a day for one?”, “I really don’t have a good DRP close by.”, “The IA in that area takes four to five days and the claimant is anxious.”  We know it, because we’ve lived it.  We understand all the considerations that go into whether you use an IA, and furthermore, which one you choose. 

With the quality and cycle time ARA provides, we are confident you will see the benefit of your decision immediately.  In addition to our competitive pricing, we provide tremendous savings in rental, storage, and advance charge. 

We complete most claims in two days or less.  And, if you have a major rush job, we can often provide same day service?  Got a rush? Call us!!